I’m looking for a boss – is it you?

We’re looking for a new Audience Lead at work. You will be managing many of the evangelists (including me) and marketers in DPE. This is a great  job, with great responsibility and frankly we want to ensure we get the right person for the gig.

The formal job description can be found here.

However, Michael Kordahi and I have put together a video to talk about what we expect from a lead. If this is you, please apply for the role or contact your friendly evangelist.

Michael's also put together this cool Wordle in case you're more of a spatial learner.

dpe wordle

Here's your opportunity to join our team – this is the second-best job in the world (after mine)!

Thanks to Mike for editing the video, doing the wordle and writing the text 🙂

Comments (2)

  1. secretGeek says:

    "googled it on bing" — classic!

    I think you oughta get Long Z.

  2. Tony Krijnen says:

    Hey guys, check out our former collegue Miel van Opstal: He offers to come and work for you for free for one day (So the H part is taken care off). http://micromiel.com/promo/

    Great video, loving it.

    Your fellow ITE from Amsterdam, Tony.

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