Lighting up your Apps with Windows 7 – User Group Sessions

image Yesterday I had the pleasure of presenting at the two Canberra .NET User Group meetings (I'll be presenting the same session tomorrow night at the Sydney .NET User Group).

My topic was an introduction to developing on Windows 7. We discussed the value of the platform and  I reiterated the benefits of leveraging the huge amount of work done by the Windows 7 team, not just in the programming of the operating system, but also the enormous investment in usability testing and user experience design. There's some great explanation of all of the work being done in Windows 7 on the Engineering Windows7 Blog.

The slides and demos came from the excellent Windows 7 Training Kit.

I talked about the importance of using the Application Quality Cookbook to guide your development of Windows 7 applications.

The demos used the managed wrappers from the Windows API Code Pack.

I also showed off some little known windows shortcut keys, some shamelessly pinched from Jeffa's blog.

I've uploaded the deck I used to my SkyDrive.

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