Upgrade your MCP for only $25 US*

120x240_MCP_042309 I had a great response from the certification vouchers I gave out three months ago. Unfortunately I don’t have any more of those to give away, but Microsoft Learning have announced an offer that’s almost as good. If you’re a MCP and you got your last certification before July 1 2007, you can get a voucher to sit an exam between now and 30 June this year for only $25 US.

MSL launches up to 80% off exams to help you up-skill!

We have taken off up to 80% off the price of exams for any MCP who has not attained a new Microsoft Certification Credential since July 1, 2007. From now to June 30th, 2009 MCPs are eligible for a Microsoft Certification exam at a special price of US$25.

Get up-skilled in new Microsoft technologies so that you remain competitive in the market. Visit the website for terms and conditions.

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