Virtual Goodness with the Linked .NET User Group this Thursday

As if it wasn’t enough to organise physical User Groups in Perth, Brian Madsen has been helping to organise a .NET User Group on LinkedIn. This month the irrepressible Zain Naboulsi is presenting on Deepen your Debugging: Tips and Tricks for the Visual Studio 2008 Debugger.

This session is on at an Australian-Friendly time, this Thursday Feb 5.

All the details are over at Brian’s Blog.

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  1. Hey Andrew – thanks for the mention.

    We have a great year ahead of us with a range of some seriously heavy presenters.

    For the next three months we have the following presenters booked in:

    Feb – Zain Naboulsi

    March – Stephen Fulcher

    April – Sahil Malik

    Other presenters for the coming year are:

    • Scott Guthrie
    • Scott Hanselman

    • Sara Ford

    • Jean-Paul Boodhoo

    Dates haven’t been set in concrete for all of the presentations, but the months has been booked already. Both Scott Guthrie and Scott Hanselman will present later on this year, with Hanselman presenting sometime after MIX09 (which should again be an awesome event) and Scott Guthrie later on again.

    As soon as we have the dates set, we’ll be announcing the events.

    So, i’d get "Linked" on the group and watch the blogosphere for when the announcements come out.

    The group also has a very thriving discussion board going so it’s worth stopping by and checking it from time to time.

    We would like to find a suitable way to email all members, but with the group growing now to past 16,000 members sending out an email notificaiton has proven to be difficult – if anybody has any suggestions as to how we best can get this underway then please get in touch with me.


    Brian H. Madsen

  2. Brian Madsen ’s just pinged me to remind me about the next instalment of the Linked In .NET User Group

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