The King is Dead! – Long Live the King!

Many of you know that Norbert Haehnel long-time director of my team, Developer and Platform Evangelism, here in Australia recently departed to take up a position at Microsoft in Germany. In fact, his last gig here was to MC the Power To Developers event Steve Ballmer keynoted. The burning question (for me anyway, you might not care quite so much) was who would replace Norbert.

pictureWe found out yesterday (and officially announced today) that the new Director is Gianpaolo Carraro (known to most as “GP”, so I guess that in the traditional Australian way we might have to start calling him “The Doc”). There’s a nice link here as GP was also a presenter at the Power to Developers event. I’m very excited to have someone with such a distinguished technical pedigree take on this role, especially one who’s speciality is S+S and particularly the Cloud.

The Doc (we’ll see if it catches on) starts in mid-late January.

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  1. gianpaolo says:

    thanks andrew… looking forward to more of your shirt ripping performances on stage 🙂

    • the doc
  2. Coatsy wrote about Gianpaolo (or as we like to call him, GP) heading downunder back in December – The

  3. I've switched back to FeedDemon as my preferred RSS reader as i kept missing "important"

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