You want content? How about an Azure Services Training Kit? Azure Videos on Channel 9?

Hot on the heels of other great training kits, we’ve released the Azure Services Training Kit. From the internal announcement email:

Today we are making available the first preview release of the Azure Services Training Kit.  The Azure Services Training Kit will include hands-on labs, presentations, and samples to help you understand how to build applications that utilize the Azure Services Platform.  This PDC preview release of the training kit includes 11 hands-on labs that cover the broad set of services including Windows Azure, .NET Services, SQL Services, and Live Services.   These are the same hands-on labs that have already been used by hundreds of customers at the PDC. 

You can download the Azure Services Training Kit from the Microsoft Download Center here.

Over the next few weeks we will also be releasing several samples and scenario-based demos that can be used to both demonstrate the value proposition of these services and understand how to use the SDKs, Tools, and Services themselves. 

Please note:   The Windows Azure hands-on labs can be used locally with the Windows Azure developer fabric that is included with the Windows Azure SDK.   However, the .NET Services, SQL Services, and Live Services labs require a registered service account. You can apply for a services account here.

The Channel9 team has held several interviews with the product teams responsible for building the Azure Services Platform.  These are great videos to watch in addition to the PDC sessions:

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  1. My favorite links from the 4th week of October 2008

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    My favorite links from the 4th week of October 2008

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