Find like-minded folk at Tech.Ed


One of the three key themes at Tech.Ed in Sydney this year is Connect (the other two are Learn and Explore). Connecting with like-minded people is a huge benefit at an event like this and you could set yourself up a complex contact management system, with lists of people and their interests and so on. Of course, to save you the effort, you could login to CommNet and use the Connect tool. You bung in info about yourself using both a structured taxonomy and a freeform section and then you can search for others at Tech.Ed using a similar set of fields.

Once you find people, you can book meetings with them (brokered by the system so you don’t reveal emails) and we’ve set aside meeting areas on the Tech.Ed expo hall floor you can book along with the meeting. All this gets integrated in with your Tech.Ed schedule.

Look for Tech.Ed connect under the community tab after you login to Commnet.

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