TechEd Fever – Guess the number of paying attendees at TechEd Australia and Win!

Now for a bit of TechEd fun.

Maybe I’ve been on too many aeroplanes recently (in fact, I know I’ve been on too many aeroplanes recently), but after chatting with Ben, I’ve come up with a little competition (open to folks living in Australia only).

Guess how many people will be at TechEd Australia this year (paying attendees) and I’ll send you a prize (probably some Microsoft Hardware).

Use the Email link on this blog and let me know how many you think it’ll be (hint, it’ll probably be more than 2000 and less than 3500).

The person who gets closest without going over will win the prize. If more than one person picks the same number, I’ll use the first one I receive as the winner. If you enter more than once, I’ll use your first guess as your answer. I won’t use your contact details for anything other than notifying you if you’ve won. I’ll contact the winner by email and announce the winner here on my blog some time in the week after TechEd Australia.

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