VSTO v3 Deployment Session

I had a great time over the last couple of days hanging out with Christen Boyd and some of the other folk from the VSTO team here in Seattle. This culminated yesterday with a webcast of the session I’ll be doing here next week and then again at TechEd in Sydney. As promised, here are my slides from that session.

I’ve added one blog to the list of resources. I had the pleasure of meeting Kris Makey yesterday and his VSTO deployment blog is great. Subscribed.

Here is a summary of the VSTO resources I list at the end of the deck:


Code Gallery



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  1. Andrew Coates has posted a great set of resources on VSTO v3 Deployment , including his PowerPoint deck.

  2. hit41 says:

    After chatting with a few people about Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) recently, it’s clear that the technology is not that well understood (even though, in my opinion, Microsoft have done a pretty good job of articulating it – much better than

  3. Andri Yadi says:

    Several weeks ago, a client asked my company to be involved in a project to develop some kind of customizations

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