More Office Developer Documentation

She's indefatigable! Erika Ehrli keeps posting these gems. Hot on the heels of my post about Office Object Model References, I discovered two great posts from her.

The interactive developer map is a WPF application that

"... helps developers visualize the different programs, servers, services, and tools that will help them build solutions. It allows them to drill down to each product and technology and learn about new features, objects, Web services, namespaces, and schemas required to extend Microsoft Office and build custom Office Business Applications (OBAs). This application also includes links and pointers to online resources available on Office Online, MSDN, TechNet, Channel 9, Channel 10, and OBA Central."

Screen shots

The OpenXML Format SDK Class Diagram Explorer is a very cool Silverlight 2 app that uses DeepZoom to drill down into the detail of the class diagram. Think of it as a zoomable poster.

Check them out.

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