Open XML Links – catching up.

I'm catching up with a bunch of Open XML blogging from ages ago, so apologies if some of these are old news to you.

Binary Format Documentation Released Under the OSP and Binary to OOXML Translator Project

Brian Jones has blogged about the great news that we've made the binary office document formats freely available under the OSP (of course, they were already available for people to use if they agreed to honour a license agreement). In the same post he talks about the open source project for translating binary documents to Open XML.

As promised last month, the binary documentation (.doc, .xls, .ppt) is now live. In addition to this, the project to create an open source translator (binary -> Open XML) has now been formed on sourceforge, and the development roadmap has been published. Read my earlier post for more background on this:

Another great surprise in all of this is that we've made the documentation for a few other supporting technologies available as it may be of use to folks implementing the binary formats:

The technologies included are:

  • Windows Compound Binary File Format Specification PDF | XPS
  • Windows Metafile Format (.wmf) Specification PDF | XPS
  • Ink Serialized Format (ISF) Specification PDF | XPS

OpenXML Developer Resources

Erika Ehrli has a great set of links for OpenXML Developers in categories including "Getting Started with OpenXML Development" and "OpenXML Format SDK"

OpenXML Format SDK

Open XML SDK roadmap: timeline

On the topic of the OpenXML Format SDK, both Erika and Doug have blogged about it in some detail.

DAISY Translator Released!

Gray Knowlton's blogged about the availability of the Open XML to DAISY Translator. DAISY is a specification that allows markup enabling text to be easily processed by a reader application making it accessible to people with problems reading printed or electronic text, and the translator facilitates the creation of DAISY-compliant documents from OpenXML.

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