MS Press Online Store now open in Australia with discounts for UG members until the end of May

I got this note from Tania Netterfield, our partner manager for CPLS and the local MS Press representative.

Hello all,

I’m delighted to advise you that our press distributor Woodslane in conjunction with MS has developed an Microsoft Online Press Store which is now LIVE!

To help us launch the Store during the month of May we’ve created a special User Group Members offer of 50% discount on all books on the site. We’d love your help to promote the store to your community by blogging about the site and including the URL in your newsletters and other communication to your User Group Members.

Some of the great advantages of include:

  • Express delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy Keyword Search facility
  • Latest titles and Books of the Month
  • Large inventory
  • Newsletter sign-up

And until the end of May on

  • All User Group Members will receive a 50% discount by using this Code at Checkout <purged>
  • Plus go in the draw for a chance to win an XBOX by providing feedback on the site

We are planning to keep improving the site in the future and I’ll keep you updated as these improvements are made.

Thank you for your support

If you want to know the code I <purged> above, you'll have to get along to your local User Group (or contact your User Group leader)

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  1. Mitch Wheat says:

    Hi Andrew, I don’t want to shoot the messenger, but was there any feedback from MS Press as to why even with the 50% discount, it is still cheaper to order from Amazon in the US (with conversion and shipping) for some items?

  2. Thanks Mitch, I’ve taken this up with Tania and she’s talking to the distributor.

  3. Neil Crawford says:

    Just confirming what Mitch has said – you can buy these for less virtually anywhere. Typical of the way Microsoft treats us Australians.

  4. Thanks Neil – noted. As I said, we’re talking to the distributor now.

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