Speaking at the Perth SharePoint User Group – 20 May

I'll be presenting at the Perth SharePoint User Group on May 20 on

Delivering Systems that the Users Don't Hate

Why Office and SharePoint will change the way you work

A fundamental change to the user experience  of Office and SharePoint has occurred. This can have a profound impact on staff productivity and the delivery of IT services. In this session Andrew will explain the evolution of Office as a comprehensive application platform. Learn how Office acts as the SharePoint front end that your people are already familiar with and see how organisations are taking advantage of this.

Those who are following things far more closely than I'd expect (in fact, bordering on disturbingly closely) will recognise this as a repeat of the session Alistair and I are presenting at the SharePoint Forum here in Sydney next week.

I'll be in Perth for the remainder of the afternoon on the 20th and all day on the 21st, so if you fell like catching up, or if you'd like me to come and have a chat to your management about the benefits of doing .NET development or where we're going next with the roadmap, please let me know.

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  1. David says:


    I’m interested in attending, but how do I do that? The most information I’ve been able to find is (and it wasn’t that straight-forward to find it either):


    however, I haven’t been able to find whether this is open to the public or just SharePoint User Group members, or who to RSVP with.

    I hope to see you there, if I can find out how to RSVP.



  2. Hi Dave, I pinged Rick about this and here’s his response:

    Hi Andrew,

    No, attendees do not need to be members.  I haven’t push membership as a concept – its been an open  forum and I didn’t want membership to be a reason why people didn’t come.

    1 week to go and they all RSVP back to me directly, however the site has a registration process.

    Looking forward to catching up.



  3. David says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for chasing this up for me. I’ll RSVP with Rick (whose details I found at another website: http://www.aususergroups.org/Default.aspx?tabid=866 for anyone interested). Maybe I’ll talk to Rick on the day to recommend setting up an official website for user group – it’ll certainly make it easier to people to find information about the user group.



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