Out of the darkness – Tech.ED New Zealand and Australia Track Owners

image I went dark exactly two months ago and I'm finally coming up for some blogging air. Look out for lots of posts over the next little while as I clear my "Blog This" backlog.

Yesterday at one of Greg Low's CodeCampOz pre-conf sessions I rattled off the names of the track owners for TechEd in New Zealand and Australia and asked that anyone with session proposals contact those people as we're well into the sessions and speaker recruitment phase now. Here are those names again with contact details:

Track Owner
Architecture Nigel Watson
Database/BI David Lean
Developer Tools Dave Glover
Office System Ian Palangio
Windows Essential Server Solutions (Aus only) Robbie Upcroft
Security Rocky Heckman
SOA/Connected Systems Graham Elliott
Technology of TechEd (Aus only) Michael Kleef/Andrew Coates
Unified Communications/Mobility Johann Kruse
Voice of the Customer (NZ only) Mike Zeff/Mark Carroll
Web and User Experience Darryl Burling
Windows Client/Management Deannah Templeton/Andrew McMurray
Windows Server Jeff Alexander
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  1. As I said , I’m off to Tech.Ed Developers in Orlando at the beginning of next month (and our event manager,

  2. It’s alive! The registration site for Tech.Ed Australia is live. Don’t miss out on the great Early Bird

  3. One of the really innovative things about the Tech.Ed Australia web site is the capability to connect

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