SharePoint Development – is it too easy?

I was chatting to some community folk in the pub last night after presenting (on Architectural patterns on S+S – slides here) at the Sydney Deep .NET User Group*. I heard an interesting premise: “Good developers don’t want to do SharePoint development because it’s too easy”. To me, this passes the smell test. Developers like…


The King is Dead! – Long Live the King!

Many of you know that Norbert Haehnel long-time director of my team, Developer and Platform Evangelism, here in Australia recently departed to take up a position at Microsoft in Germany. In fact, his last gig here was to MC the Power To Developers event Steve Ballmer keynoted. The burning question (for me anyway, you might…


New Melbourne User Group – Silverlight Designer and Developer Network

Got this note from Jordan Knight today. Looks like a great new group staring up with some smart people in Melbourne. The Silverlight Designer and Developer Network Starts Next Week! Launching next week, the SDDN, which is part of Victoria .NET,  is a new special interest group completely and absolutely for Silverlight and surrounding tools…


Finding the Windows dpi setting in .NET

I had a note from Stephen Lead (of Ignite Spatial fame) asking how to determine the dpi setting a user has selected in Windows. He pointed me to the only MSDN article he could find on the subject, ironically explaining how to do it in Visual FoxPro. I didn’t know off the top of my…


Dave Does Data (or, "Maybe Pigs do Fly")

SQL guru David Lean has joined the blogosphere and, of course, he’s started with some hardcore SQL Spatial information. Check out these great posts: SQL 2008 Spatial Samples, Part 1 of 9 – How to Learn SQL Spatial SQL 2008 Spatial Samples, Part 2 of 9 – Background on Spatial Types & Well Known Text…


My Spatial Data presentation at Ignite Spatial

As I said in my MSDN Flash editorial, I had a great time presenting at Ignite Spatial last Wednesday – the atmosphere was great and the format was a lot of fun. I’ve popped the deck up on my skydrive and would love some feedback if you were there. Is this a format we should…


Events & more Events – a retrospective

Fin asked me to write this week’s MSDN Flash editorial, so I did. In case you missed it, here it is. By the way, if you don’t subscribe to the flash, you should :). Sign up today! It’s been a real time for me with events. First the PDC in Los Angeles with over 6,000…


TechEd Attendance Competition Winner

As part of the lead-up to this year’s TechEd in Sydney, I offered a prize to the person who could come the closest to guessing the final attendance number (without going over). I had a larger number of entries than I expected and the guesses ranged from 2612 at the low end up to 3273….


Visual Studio 2010 Info from the Horse’s Mouth – 14 Nov in Sydney and Online

Matt Nunn, Group Product Manager for Visual Studio Team System will present “The Road to Visual Studio 2010”, a presentation (and live demo) aimed at technical decision makers. Matt will provide a first look at the next version of Microsoft’s development tool platform – Visual Studio 2010. Visual Studio 2010 further enhances today’s capabilities to…


Steve Ballmer comes to Sydney and live online November 6

Developers, Developers, Developers! As part of a whirlwind visit to Sydney early next month, Steve Ballmer will be presenting Microsoft’s future vision for developers in the world of software-plus-services. He’ll discuss the next wave of technologies just launched at the Professional Developer Conference. There will also be a live Q&A session with Steve. Immediately following…