Illusions – How can this be true?

Michael's twirling dancer link generated a lot of chatter, but this one seems even less fathomable to me

Michele's posted an image as an example of your brain messing with your head (as it were). In this image, the squares marked A and B are the same colour!

Don't believe me? I didn't either, so I snipped a small part of the image and placed it in Paint.


Still didn't look possible, so I drew a rectangle next to the image, split it in 2 and used the eye dropper tool to pick up the colour first from square A (and filled the left segment) and then from B (and filled the right segment).


As my son would say - "Freaky!"

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  1. @ Head says:

    Andrew Coates has a picture of what he coins an "illusion". I prefer to think of it as a perception

  2. Jamie Osborn says:

    I didn’t believe…

    I grabbed it into Photoshop, got out the eyedropper and scratched my head as the 2 colours indeed came up the same.

    What the?

  3. Garry Trinder says:

    Stumbled upon this today

  4. drink le croix, it'll make you smarter says:

    This made my day.  

    I managed to color inside the black lines and solve this illusion by the time this was forwarded to me.

    Thanks for the tease.

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