Smart People in SUITS

I had the pleasure last Tuesday of attending the Sydney University IT Society (SUITS) End of Semester Dinner. Our Student Partner at USyd, Ed, was kind enough to invite me and I was made to feel very welcome by the staff and students. I love hanging out with smart people and, believe me, these are some very smart people.

Highlights of the evening for me:

  • Learning about the National Computer Science School - what a great initiative.
  • Hearing about cool projects and  the variety of ways people got into the IT world
  • Learning of the existence of 
    • how have I not known about this before now? (at least I now know where Darren got this classic - and yes, I realise now that he referenced it)
    • Don't forget to roll over the images
    • At least I was able to reciprocate with UserFriendly.
  • Chatting with Steve about OOXML (a conversation that is continuing)
  • Cracking open the laptop and playing with PowerShell last thing in the evening. That's the way all geek gatherings should end.
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