NSW.Net Event – Directions in High Performance Computing: Sydney, Friday 21 September

Hear Frank Chism, world expert in high performance computing, discuss the future of cluster server technology

Frank admits to "over 40 years in HPC" and is "not looking to leave any time soon because I couldn't afford the cool toys I get to play with if I have to buy them myself."

NSW.Net, together with Microsoft Australia, bring you this rare chance to hear one of the pioneers of HPC share his thoughts on its future.  Frank will demystify clusters, farms and grids, in failover, load balancing and compute applications.  All this in an environment where the computing power of a Cray, costing millions of dollars less than a decade ago, can today be obtained for thousands, but where the demand for cycle increases exponentially as the potential for computer intensive applications becomes reality.

Frank is a Technical Solutions Professional with Microsoft, focused exclusively on High Performance Computing.  He implements and supports HPC solutions based on Microsoft’s Windows Compute Cluster Server (CCS) platform, and acts as technical liaison between the CCS development team and Microsoft field personnel and customers. 

Frank began working in High Performance Computing in 1965 on a UNIVAC 1107 mainframe.  He has written device drivers and numerous utilities for other mainframes like the CDC 6600 and Cyber series and every generation of Cray from the Cray-1 to the Cray XD1.  Until recently, his hobby was playing with microprocessors.  Now he is paid for playing with microprocessors.  He has written in numerous dead, undead, and modern languages such as Sleuth, Cash, Fortran, Pascal, C, C++, and Co-array Fortran.  He has focused on parallel HPC for about 15 years.  Frank joined Microsoft in 2006.

A sandwich lunch, with tea, coffee and orange juice will be available.


When:          Friday 21 September, 2007
Time:           12.15pm for a 12.30pm start - concluding around 2.00pm
Venue: NSW Trade & Investment Centre, L47 MLC Centre 19 Martin Place, Sydney
Price:           No charge for this event – sandwich lunch sponsored by Microsoft

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