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Tatham and Dr Neil alluded to it in their fishbowl interview, and now Anna's been plugging it too. From the developers of ViaVirtualEarth, there's a new site for Windows Live developers. Check out the plethora of topics on the nav bar:


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  1. John OBrien says:

    Thanks for the plug Andrew!

    Bronwen and I have been busy with this site since we showed parts at TechED.

    I took over the day to day duties of the VVE site this year and with viawindowlive we want to push the concept to the next level. Already we have an amazing amount of resources and content with much more on its way.

    Anybody can contribute to the site from simply adding their site to the gallery (over 60 already) or adding a link to the resources or their favourite blog to our aggregator. Importantly we are after articles on any aspect of Live Services you like.

    We are also looking for people that want to be proactive in this community space and take charge of a section of the site, these people would be responsible for moderating the content coming in and promoting the site. It’s a great opportunity for people that want to give back a bit to the community and be part of something larger.

    Thanks again,

    John O’Brien

    Windows Live Developer MVP

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