New Non-Technical Blogs

My OPML is full of many of Australia's top technical people, but there are also a few non-technical people that I love reading (Dilbert's Scott Adams is always great value for example). Here are a couple of new ones I've added:

Michele Connolly's How To Be Happy blog (as pointed out by Craig Bailey) is a wonderful read. Subscribed.

Update - Michele's moved her blog. It's now at Subscribe at

Steve Herzberg (consultant and ex-First Class cricketer) has just started a promising blog with tips on how to sell, both yourself and your product. Subscribed.

Comments (4)

  1. The link Michele Connolly’s How To Be Happy doesnt seem to work

  2. Hmm – just worked again for me. What error are you geting?

  3. It looks like Michele moved servers the other day. They had an outage of about an hour while she did (and I guess DNS propagation may have taken some time too). It should all be back up now.

  4. Mitch Denny says:

    Hi Andrew,

    That how to be happy blog is fantastic. Thanks for mentioning it – subscribed!

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