TechEd Day 1 – Keynote

Roger and I sat in the overflow room to watch the keynote. I took stream of consciousness notes and have annotated them to some extent.   My overall impression was that the demos were slick and well rehearsed, but that the keynote was more of a formality than a necessity. You can view the recording of the keynote on the Virtual TechEd site.


Bob Muglia (Senior VP, Server and Tools) opened with a cool Back to the Future sketch with Christopher Lloyd.

Started talking about the optimization models. Recognizing where your org is in the standard models helps you know what to do next to become more effective.

The models tie into initiatives

Case Study - Energizer

Used to be 2 years in arrears in IT as a policy - going towards dynamic lets them concentrate on solving the business problems.

Tom Bittman - Gartner

Connections becoming pervasive

Response time expectations are shrinking

Relationships are online and short-lived - so Windows of opportunity are getting smaller - more frequent and smaller

Agility means that some are able to take advantage of this and other not

Agility requires us to take technology and apply it to itself

Agility is balance between speed and operational efficiency - Sense and respond to change

Agility needs to be system-wide including the interfaces

Need a variable cost model - S+S? Certainly pay-per-use, not up-front investment.

Focus on process, technology and organization.

Dynamic IT



  • Products
  • Community
  • Standards
  • Access
    • OSP
    • Licensing



Windows Server 2008 Demo

Server Core

Virtual Machine Manager

  • Convert VMWare VM - Next, Next, Next, Done
  • Runs on top of PowerShell
  • Shipping later this summer

Add Microsoft System Centre for a great fit


SML - industry agreement on modelling

Domain specific models now being developed

Model demo

OBA Demo

Cool Outlook extension from Brian Goldfarb

Silverlight Demo

Roadmap and Summary

Mention as many product names as possible, including VS2008, Windows Server 2008 (both shipping this year) and SQL Server 2008 (shipping next year)

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