TechEd Day 0 – ASP.NET Ajax Pre-Conference Session

On Sunday, I attended Jeff Prosise's ASP.NET Ajax pre-conference session. I love watching people like Jeff present. Even in the introductory bits, his depth of knowledge burbles up to the surface. (BTW, I said the same thing about Dan Green and Joel Pobar's sessions at CodeCampOz this year).

<aside type="rant" subject="power">

What is it about big conference centres which means they don't understand about attendees, especially techie attendees? There are about 200 people in this session and about 30% of us have laptops out. I manages to snaffle one of the 3 (yes, count 'em, 3) power points around the outside wall (well away from where the chairs are set up). About 15 people have wafted past, obviously looking for power. There's got to be a way to get more power in every room.


Jeff did a great job explaining the workings of ASP.NET Ajax, but I would have loved some hands on time.

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