TechEd Day 0 – The Bag

After 24-odd hours cramped inside aluminum cylinders, I made it to Orlando. I spent yesterday at a couple of the local theme parks and then this morning jumped on the (branded) shuttle bus to the Convention Centre. I'm really looking forward to today's Deep Dive on ASP.NET AJAX, but my first order of business was to get THE BAG.

After revealing our bag design already, I was surprised to see the conversations surrounding the US bag up on TechEdBloggers.

Well, here are some photos:

Bag Front Bag Back

It's a hybrid backpack/shoulder bag with plenty of pockets. Last year's dominant sound in TechEd was not the Vista Startup sound, but the clinking of metal on metal from the bag's clips. None of that this year. All zips and plastic clips.

There's the usual mixture of useful content and marketing bumpf inside, although for each person, the items that meet those descriptions will be different.

I'm not currently planning on swapping it for my MEDC2007 backpack, but it's a lot better than last year's.

Comments (3)

  1. Hfrench says:

    I agree wholeheartedly – this is much better than last year. I wont have to give it to a college student!

  2. 今年のTechEd2007のAtendeeBagはバックパック!?

  3. After 28-odd hours (and some of them were very odd) of travel, I arrived in Orlando ready to start the

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