Slide decks from the Hong Kong Roadmap and Futures Event

I've just spent a couple of days in Hong Kong culminating in 3 presentations to VFP and VB6 developers about strategies for moving their applications forward to take advantage of the platform.

The three decks are attached. I posted some of the sample code I presented in a previous post.

In the afternoon I was also lucky enough to be around for the presentations from the Hong Kong finalists in this year's Imagine Cup. Lots of great ideas and some savage grilling from the judges.

Thanks to Peter Ty and Samuel Cheng for the invitation and their hospitality.


Session 1 - Introduction to Technology Options for End User Computing (2 MB)

Session 2 - Visual FoxPro 9.0 Technology Roadmap (350 kB) (Note that this session was borrowed, almost in its entirety, from yag's DevCon keynote)

Session 3 - Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework for End User Computing (2.3 MB)

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