Review – Wireless Presenter Mouse 8000

Disclaimer: All of the products here are Microsoft hardware and I both work for and own shares in Microsoft.

One of the things I do a lot of is presentations. Not just PowerPoints though, I also show the computer doing things, often with me making it do those things, so I need a mouse as well (right-click-dragging with the touch pad is not a great demo technique).

I used to travel with a Presenter 3000 and a Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000

Presenter 3000 +  Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 6000

Both great, but each took up a USB port and each requires batteries.

I've recently switched to a great hybrid device - the Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 - hold it one way and it's a conventional high-precision mouse. Press the button and turn it over and it's a wireless presenter.

Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000


Presentation Controls
Smoothly navigate through Microsoft Office PowerPoint® and other presentations from up to 30 feet away from your PC.

Media Remote
Use for multimedia presentations and control digital entertainment from the comfort of your living room sofa.

Battery Life Indicator
You won't get caught with a dead battery—the Battery Status LED Indicator glows red when the battery is running low.

2.4 GHz Bluetooth® with First Connect Technology
Connect wirelessly right out of the box with 2.4 GHz Bluetooth®.

High Definition Laser Technology
Microsoft® High Definition Laser Mouse products are more precise, more responsive, and deliver smoother tracking.

Laser Pointer
Point out essential information during presentations with the laser pointer.

It's been rock solid and is a pleasure to use. I like to get away from the computer when I'm telling a story or talking to slides, and I haven't yet been in a room big enough for it to lose connectivity, even when I wander right down the back.

I do miss a couple of things from my combo pack above though. The dongle doesn't slot into the mouse anywhere like the Laser Mouse 6000 does, and there's no timer like there is on the Presenter 3000.

All-in-all I give it 9.5/10.

Comments (3)

  1. Garry Trinder says:

    If your laptop has bluetooth built in then you don’t need the dongle.

  2. Ken Schaefer says:

    Andrew Coates already has a review of his Microsoft Wireless Presenter Mouse 8000 , so I'll add to

  3. Fernando Lopes says:


    I bought the Wireless Presenter Mouse 8000 but the presentation controls don´t work with Powerpoint Viewer. Can you give me a tip about this ?

    Best regards,

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