Cool bag for TechEd Australia

UPDATE: Oops, this isn't the speakers' bag, it's the delegate's bag!

One of the interesting discussions around TechEd each year is "What should the speaker delegate bag look like?". Well, this year, it'll look something like this:

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  1. John says:

    I am trying to justify to the boss why I should attend.  I have checked out the web site as has he but it really is very general about what you will actually get out of it.  I know it is 3 months away however, the early bird ends in 2 weeks time and that $500 saving really makes or breaks it for me, especially when you factor in Accom and flights.  I am a developer and we produce windows forms apps which we are looking at moving to so I guess what would be in it for me.  I would like to see more of an agenda posted on the web site to tell me what I will get from the event.  At the moment I cant work out if the Tuesday is even a full day or not.  It seems to be something more for the infrustructure guys as the hands on labs don’t seem to have anything for developers.  If anyone has any information that could help me sway the boss please post here.  Thanks,

  2. Dave Dustin says:

    Any idea if the NZ bag is going to be similar?

  3. Sean says:

    Andrew, does that bag fit 17" lappies 🙂

    John, I have attended a number of Tech Ed’s now as a delegate (I work for a large department) and have found that some people go thinking its about training.  While there is alot of great content on how to do specific things I find its mainly about showcasing current and future technologies.  With that said, there is oportunities to do hands on labs to extend on session content, sit exams, but best of all you have access to some very clever and talented people.  You are able to book one-on-one sessions with any of the speakers to discuss issues or even seek advice on future directions.  If you take advantage of what it has to offer you will find it very useful adn value for money. It’s also an excelent oportunity to meet like minded people and make some very good contacts.  Oh and the sessions are broken down into streams ie Development, DB etc

  4. David says:

    Cool, went to Tech.ED in 2005 and the bag I got then broke a strap last month. So its time for a new one.

  5. John: I hear you, and we’re putting information up on the site more quickly this year. I hope to see you there.

    Dave: Dunno, the kiwis are playing their bag cards pretty close to their chest 🙂

    Sean: 17" lappies should be fine. Not sure you’ll get them into the overhead locker of a Dash-8 though – with or without the bag 🙂

    David: Any excuse …

  6. After 24-odd hours cramped inside aluminum cylinders, I made it to Orlando. I spent yesterday at a couple

  7. Now we all know that an important part of Tech.Ed (other than the sessions) is the Tech.Ed bag….

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