TechEd Thinking Part 3a – More Badge Fun

I've had some great comments on yesterday's post about the TechEd Badge. As well as his comments Rob's pinged me offline and suggested including your certification, and perhaps any user groups you belong to. What about whether you're an MCT or MVP? I can see a whole range of possibilities. What if we were to provide an area at the bottom of your badge for stickers (let's call them, oh, say, tags). Frank's might look something like this:

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  1. Rob Farley says:

    Yeah, nice… but have something which shows a technology areas too. I’d be happy to be listed as a SQL Expert, but I don’t want people asking me about CRM.

  2. TristanK says:

    Ditto Rob’s comment.

    I love the idea of the stickers in the bottom area, and as long as there’s a nice, big blank bit anyway, if all else fails we can use Pen Technology (it worked in years past…) 🙂

    The attendee name, if possible, should be super-huge. I mean, really, stonking big. Twice the size of the example above (+- justification) would be great.

  3. Andrew Coates is collecting ideas for the badge at Tech.Ed , and created a mockup Nick Hodge then wondered

  4. Dugie says:

    That flickr photo is obciously a fake – there’s no loud mambo shirt!  🙂

    Yes, make the name Uber Big

    Ditto++ for Rob’s comment on stickers as well

  5. Let’s consider what is the primary purpose of this  – if it’s a name/id badge, then the name of the person should be the largest font on the badge.

    After all, the idea is that other people can glance quickly at your badge and then know what your name is!

    The "Sharing the Love" slogan should be in a tiny font, or ideally not on there at all. We’re all attending the conference – we’ll know what the slogan is, so don’t take up space on the name badges with it that just distracts from us trying to read the name.

    Anything else on there should only be there if it can be read from ~1m away. If it’s too small then I don’t see any point in it being there. No one will be able to read it.

    I don’t mind Rob’s suggestions on adding certs,  or "SQL MVP" kind of things – those are helpful (again as long as they can be read!)


  6. All: Great point about the size of the name.

    David: I agree about the slogan, although "Sharing the Love" was supposed to be Frank’s passion, not the conference slogan.

    All: David’s point about being read from ~1m away is interesting. Does it need to be read, or just recognisable?

  7. James Green says:

    I think less is more when it comes to the badge. Last years badges were just the right size imho.

    I like the ideas for what can go on them however!

    "Hi, My name’s James, I’m a vergo.  I like VB.Net, SQL  Server and long walks on the beach at sunset…"  🙂

  8. Hunter says:

    Let’s add RFID to them as well.. just like a few years back. That was a hoot.. everyone complaining that it was big brother. Awesome. If we could track people then we would KNOW what vendors had good swag AND which were the best sessions. 🙂

  9. I agree with David.  The main point of having a badge is to let people know who you are.  Name and company info is really all I need to see.  I definitely want to see the company name on any badge.

    Forget including an avatar or a URL.  TechEd is about real people meeting and interacting in a physical location.  Avatars are find to identify someone for online interaction, but how useful would it really be for most people at the conference? And who would remember a URL after reading it on a badge?

    Leave the profile info for an online directory people can opt into and don’t go overboard with the badge.

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