TechEd Thinking Part 3 – What should we have on your badge?

I'm sitting down with Tania, the event owner for TechEd Australia and we're puzzling over what should go on a TechEd attendee badge. Last year we had your Name, a choice of 4 "Classifications" (ITPro, Developer, etc) and an option for a one line "Passion", be it technical or otherwise.

What would you like to see this year?

  • Same as last year?
  • Link to blog?
  • One line on what you want to get out of TechEd?
  • Top 2 products or Technologies you work with?
  • Any more?
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  1. Rob Farley says:

    I think a blog URL would be great. Plus an Avatar, for those people who will recognise a 100×100 display picture (or meego), but not recognise the face too well. I’m not so keen on the ‘Passions’, but maybe a short list of "What products are you an expert in?". Not just products you use, but ones that you’re happy to talk to people about.

    I also think that you should be able to have public details about yourself, so that someone can punch your code into a URL like to see your public details (like the blog, etc). Recommended sessions would be good for public details, so that you could say "I wonder whether @user would recommend going to that repeated session…"

    And let people update their details during the conference, or swipe their badge in various locations, so that people can find out where people are. The biggest pain with TechEd is trying to find someone… they can’t hear their phone ring, and they could be anywhere (although if they work for Readify, they’ll be coding for charity). If you marked yourself as ‘trackable’, then people could use the machines to check where you last swiped your badge.

  2. I think last year it was :

    Name – i guess you have to keep that

    Company – I could handle skipping displaying this one

    Classification – Pass

    Passions – Pass

    I like the meego idea..actually was surprised it wasn’t on last years.

    URL – I like this too..would prefer it over company.

    Having said that…last year i felt ppl talked to my stomach for the first 5 mins as they read my name, company etc….so less writing the better maybe.

  3. Rob Farley says:

    Yeah, it would be good to avoid having people look down when they walk up to you. But what’s the answer to that? Put the info on hats? Even the people you know are going to want to read what’s there, even if it’s just your name.

  4. I’ve had some great comments on yesterday’s post about the TechEd Badge. As well as his comments Rob

  5. Paul Turner says:

    I agree with Rob. Why not have Tech.Ed hats??  Save people looking ‘down’ at your badge…

    Put a Meego and

    They could be different colors (like the badges last year).  So, you would get a ‘sea’ of green in the Dev Garden


  6. TristanK says:

    Bigger names is the answer! Geeks are myopic.

  7. Ken Hoover says:

    I could put a picture of my Mii on my badge…

    I think putting a lot of extra stuff beyond name and employer will definitely result in a lot of lingering downward stares.  Awkward at best.

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