Still doing Office 2003 Development? We’ve got you covered.

While I love talking about the great developer experience in Office 2007 and VSTO v3, I acknowledge that there are plenty of developers who are constrained by their corporate SOE to targeting Office 2003. Even though we’ve been concentrating on the new stuff, we haven’t forgotten you. Erika Ehrli has a great map of Office…


Lots of Pre-Configured Virtual Machines for You to Use

Continuing the trend of making it easy to get your hands on a pre-configured environment to help evaluate and learn the new stuff, there are a number of great (and I mean this in several senses of the word) downloads available for you to grab and fire straight up. This is a VPC image that…


Visual Studio 2008 Training Workshop Recordings on Channel 9

In September, we recorded the sessions from a full 5-day Visual Studio 2008 Training Workshop. These sessions were delivered by several of the Technical Evangelists on the Visual Studio Rhythm team and Program Managers from the product group. Last week we released the recordings from Day 3. The theme for Day 3 is Connected Applications….


DotNet-U: Great training you can take and give

We had the pleasure last week of hosting Doug Turnure, the Developer Evangelist from Atlanta, Georgia. Doug and I started at Microsoft around the same time (I think he pre-dates me by about 6 months) and we’ve corresponded a few times but this was the first time I’d met him in person. We had a…


VS2008 Certification Live Meeting – 24 Jan 2008

Via the irrepressible Trika: Microsoft Certification for Developers Join the Microsoft Certification team to find out what is new, and what you need to know, for your next step in developer certification. In this meeting, we will introduce our plans for Visual Studio 2008 training and certification, review the Visual Studio 2005 certifications, and have…


New Visual Studio 2008 Virtual Labs

Back in June and July, I did a series of posts about the great Virtual Labs that are available for you to jump right into with no download and no configuration requirements. I posted about labs for: Business Intelligence Microsoft Search Solutions for the Enterprise Security SQL Server 2005 Upgrade VSTS2005 Soup to Nuts ASP.NET…


patterns & practices – Two new guides available – Team Development and Performance Testing

As one of the pillars of Visual Studio Team System, I always talk about the guidance, both built into the system as process guidance and available as best practice from the patterns & practices team. There are two new guides available for download (or to purchase in hard copy). patterns & practices Team Development with…


S+S Blueprint for Outlook

From Khawar Ahmed on the OBA Blog: One of the OBA related news at TechEd Developer Barcelona was about the availability of S+S BluePrints. These are open source frameworks designed to make it easier to build S+S applications. These frameworks include source code, guidance, structured step-by-step workflow and tools delivered within Visual Studio and can…


Free eLearning Courses Available Online

I’m on the way to Redmond (about an hour out from San Francisco) and clearing my backlog of “Blog This” from my email. This is a beaut! There are some great eLearning courses available for you to do free of charge including: Collection 5125: Introducing Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 Clinic 5091: Introduction to…


Australian Imagine Cup 2008 web site is now live

This just in from Nick Ellery: Imagine Cup is the world’s premier technology competition for students. Each year, students are provided with a theme – this year, the theme is extremely topical and relevant – “Imagine A World Where Technology Enables a Sustainable Environment”. Last year, we had over 100,000 students enter worldwide… think about…