Use the new Office Ribbon UI in your Applications Today!

One of the first things that happens when a new version of Office appears is that people start to use its UI as a guide for their own applications. This makes a lot of sense because users of their applications are likely to also be users of Microsoft Office, and if that's the case then the users are more likely to instinctively understand the ISV's UI.

We've made this job a whole lot easier with the release of a License to use the Office Ribbon UI.

Frank's got more info about it and the definitive post is from Jensen Harris

My favourite bit from Jensen's post is this:

If you choose to implement the Office UI, you sign up for the program by accepting the license terms and giving us a little bit of information about your product. There's no fee, you don't owe Microsoft any royalties, and the license is perpetual—meaning that the terms won't change.

Please don't hesitate to leave a comment here if you have created an application that uses this UI.

Comments (3)

  1. I don’t believe we actually give the bits to start using the Office UI, just a license to use a UI that looks and behaves like the Office Ribbon.

  2. Scribez says:

    SIGH for small time programmer this is of no use. MS should provide some sort of Ribbon Starter Kit for VS 2005 for now I keep checking Codeplex hoping someone makes it.

  3. Here’s something I havent featued before, the top 20 referrers to articles on my blog. I sense a theme

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