Introduction to .NET presentations for DiData in Canberra

I had a great time yesterday presenting to some of Dimension Data's customers in Canberra. This is was a continuation of the series I started in Sydney a few months ago (and has subsequently been seen in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide via other members of my team).

The sessions were well received and we got some good feedback. I promised I'd put the decks up, so there are links below. Note that they're in the new Ecma Office Open XML format, so if you don't yet have a copy of Office 2007, you'll need to download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats, which allows you to read and write the new format with any version of Office back to Office 2000. More details on using the pack are available here. Note that the pack even works for Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2003 viewers!

Microsoft .NET Overview (2.3 MB)

ASP.NET and IIS (2.6 MB)

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