More Developer Evangelists Please!

As part of the developer keynote on the Ready tour, I've been introducing myself and my role at Microsoft. Here's the spiel I use:

They give me toys (new OS, hardware, IDE, gadgets etc). They say "Play with these toys, get excited about them. Now, show them to other geeks and get them excited about them too. Here are some more toys. By the way, here's a pay cheque."

As you can imagine, this description elicits an appropriate amount of drooling and jealousy amongst the assembled geeks, and I often get questions about how one gets such a lush gig. Well, today my boss, the unkillable Frank Arrigo, announced that we're hiring. There's a link to a more formal job description than the one above on Franks blog.

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  1. One of the questions I get from time to time is "don’t you get tired of rebuilding your machine all the

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