Using TFS from Visual FoxPro

Eric Lee, Product Manager for Team Foundation Server, has been in town for a couple of days after TechEd. Last night, he spoke at a special combined meeting of the Sydney VFP User Group and the Sydney .NET User Group. Eric give an introduction to Team Foundation Server, demonstrated the conversion process from Visual SourceSafe to TFS (by the way, here's an intro to TFS for VSS users) and talked about the data warehouse that ships with TFS. Finally, I gave a demonstration of using TFS Source Control (and work items) with Visual FoxPro via the MSSCCI provider. Once again, I used the world's smallest TFS for the demo, courtesy of Dave Glover.

A couple of the links we discussed:

Brian Harry’s Blog
Eric Lee’s Blog
Rob Caron’s Blog
Anthony Borton’s Blog
Team System Widget List (courtesy of Adam Cogan)

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  1. Buck Hodges on Team Build blogger: Aaron Halberg.

    And speaking of Aaron Halberg, here is his post…

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