VFP Sedna March CTP Now Online

Milind Lee has posted that the March CTP of Sedna, the add-on for VFP, is now available.

We have released the first CTP (Community Technology Preview) of Sedna. This March 2006 CTP includes the latest build of NET4COM — a library of COM wrappers around a selected subset of the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. We will release other CTPs periodically. Each CTP will have incrementally increasing functionality and latest builds of Sedna until we release a full public beta later this year.

 This is VERY cool stuff. not just for VFP aficionados (like me), but for anyone who is developing in a non-.NET environment from which you can call COM objects. Apparently there are a few that meet this description, for example, VB6 and VBA (not to stray too far from the stable). This approach is the same one I took when I wrapped the MapPoint Web Service functionality in a COM wrapper to make it easy to call from VFP.

If you're still doing COM-based development, keep an eye on Sedna. While you're at it, you should also check out the complimentary community project, SednaX

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  1. Боже, как же всё-таки забавно смотреть на проблемы программистов VFP. Недавно он

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