Security Interchange in Brisbane – the word is YES!

After kicking off at the Adelaide Oval on Tuesday, we continued the sporting theme last night and had version II of the Security Interchange event at Ballymore in Brisbane.

We had a great evening - highlights being Steve's famous "How do you know when you're done" question, Jamie's education of the audience (the word is "YES!") and some guy who was accused of being an amazing marketeer just because he was telling folks about the Security eForum website ( - I tell you, that hurt. Note that we'll be posting recording of all of the security Seminar (all day) sessions up on the eForum site after the last event in Auckland.

These events have proved very popular with attendees - they're a very informal, interactive and a lot of fun. Questions from the audience, short (think 10 minutes) presentations as well as a great opportunity for networking and interaction during the dinner break.

I promised that I'd post the blog addresses of the speakers (those that have 'em), so here they are:

Don't forget that we'll be hosting some on-line chats with the Speakers over the next few weeks. Login and ask questions, or just hang out.

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  1. So, the team has been to Adelaide,


    and Melbourne

    on the Security Summit


  2. I’ve just got home from the Security Interchange event held in Canberra this evening. I have to say,…

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