TechEd 2007 Thinking Part 1

TechEd 2007 is happening in Australia (on the Gold Coast) August 8-10 and in New Zealand (in Auckland) August 13-15. As Chuck said some weeks ago, I’m the guy on point for content in Australia and have been thinking about content and delivery for the last few weeks. Here are some initial thoughts about which comments are sought,…


Use the new Office Ribbon UI in your Applications Today!

One of the first things that happens when a new version of Office appears is that people start to use its UI as a guide for their own applications. This makes a lot of sense because users of their applications are likely to also be users of Microsoft Office, and if that’s the case then…


Teaching programming to primary school kids – Part 2

We had our second meeting of the School Programming Club last Monday. As the boys want to write an online game, I decided that we should start with some basics about the most common online delivery mechanism, HTML. We talked about the structure of HTML and about tags. I also set them a task for…


How I learned to stop worrying and love the rebuild

One of the questions I get from time to time is “don’t you get tired of rebuilding your machine all the time?”. Well, the answer is no. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, I love playing with the toys. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, a rebuild is not really a painful exercise…


Make and Mend Day – Installation, Configuration and Celebration

I recently upgraded my Toshiba Tecra A7 to the RTM versions of Vista and Office 2007, and have been going through my list of things to install on a new machine to check that I haven’t missed anything. In addition, I’ve been meaning to enable access to my TFS box via the internet for some…


Thoughts and Links about the Ecma Office Open XML Formats

While on the Ready tour, I’ve had lots of interest about the session I’m doing on the Ecma Office Open XML Formats. There have been some great questions from the audience, both during the session and afterwards via this blog. In response to those (and for my own interest), here are some answers and some links. Steve…


Introduction to .NET presentations for DiData in Canberra

I had a great time yesterday presenting to some of Dimension Data’s customers in Canberra. This is was a continuation of the series I started in Sydney a few months ago (and has subsequently been seen in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide via other members of my team). The sessions were well received and we got…


New Books Arrive

Update – Andrew and Nick reminded me that their book arrived (thanks Andrew – Nick I still need it signed next time you’re in town) on my desk a couple of weeks ago. Another that’s well worth a look. When I got back to my desk this morning, there was a package from Amazon. There was a…


Teaching "Programming" to primary school kids

I had a phone call last week from the head of the learning centre at my kids’ school. The learning centre works within and outside the regular school curriculum with children that need help keeping up, with kids that need extending, and with kids that just express an interest in learning something else. It’s a…


I’m feeling so Web 1.0

I can’t believe I haven’t claimed this blog on Technorati before now. Here’s my Technorati Profile.