Bootstrapper Manifest Generator RTM Version Released

Co-incident with the official launch of Visual Studio 2005, Bootstraper Manifest Generator is also released and can be installed from the Bootstrapper Manifest Generator Home Page.  (It is ClickOnce deployed from an internet website)


Bootstrapper Manifest Generator is a set of tools for creating custom bootstrapper packages used with Visual Studio 2005 and for building bootstrappers using the .NET Frameworks SDK v2.0. It includes the following features, and more:


Can build an Installer for a Manifest Project, to deploy it to other developers.
Added support for Custom Schedules
Ability to Extract Product Codes from MSI's and installed Products
Ability to clone (copy) an Install File and all its settings (exit codes, etc...) and other improved copy/paste support.

Recently Used Projects List
Better Support for Digital Signatures and File Hashes
Select Assembly for AssemblyChecks from the GAC
Output should generate a Bootstrapper that runs propertly on case sensitive web servers, like UNIX

Muiltiple Document Window – so you can work on several projects at once.

Tight Integration with MSBuild and Visual Studio

GAC Check - checks to see if an assembly is in the GAC
Homesite - allows the installer to be downloaded from a central web site, seperate from your app deployment
DependsOn and Includes - Updated package relationships that replace the catalog.xml file.



It was written in Visual Basic 2005 starting with Beta 1, through the RTM version.




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