VFP Goodness Locally and Globally

I know these things have been up for a little while, but I've been slack and Craig's prodded me to blog about them (which I always intended to do, so thanks Craig).

1. Craig's announced OzFox Lite - a weekend conference for VFP developers in Australia to run 25/26 March 2006 at MS HQ in North Ryde, Sydney. He's calling for presenters and local community involvement. This will be a low-cost, high intensity weekend of VFP.

2. Craig and Scott have (finally <g,d&r>) released OzFoxRocks - an Australian VFP PodCast. Episode 1 contains some great thoughts from Craig and Scott, as well as an interview with some guy from Microsoft. Well worth listening to (except perhaps the interview). From the OzFoxRocks site:

It has three main aims:
1. Keep the local Australian developer community informed
2. Highlight news and tips from around the world
3. Present interviews with both local and international VFP developers

3. Craig and Scott have also been working on a fantastic VFP 9.0 add-in called VFPSolutionExplorer. One of the first components to be released into beta is FoxTabs. Andrew MacNeil did a screencast of an early alpha of FoxTabs in action. Wow. These guys have been busy. Check it out.

4. Ken Levy has posted his November Letter from the Editor. It contains information about new content online about Visual FoxPro 9.0 and Sedna, VFP added to the MSDN Feedback center, more in-depth information about Microsoft's roadmap for Visual FoxPro, plus recent content and community news.

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