Adelaide Developer Passes 4 MCP Exams in 2 Days at TechEd on the Gold Coast!

I was chatting with Rob Farley at TechEd and he casually mentioned that he’d signed up for a couple of the Free MCP exams we had on offer. He went on to say that he’d finished the first one in such quick time on day 1 (and passed), that he asked the proctor whether he could sit the second in the same time slot. He did, and passed it too. He changed his booking for the next day to another 2 exams (in the one timeslot) and passed both those too!

Great work Rob! There’s a special edition Microsoft eLearning cap on its way. I’ve got another cap waiting for the next best TechEd certification story I get (entries close 18 Sep).

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  1. Rob Farley says:

    I should point out that I didn’t appreciate the stress it put my under. It was a nice relief to have finally upgraded my exams though. If I had them spread out over a few months, I would’ve probably stressed a whole lot more and definitely taken a lot more time to study for them – and we all know that time isn’t a luxury any of us have. 😉

  2. Rob Farley says:

    And I nominate Angus Logan for a certification story. He got through 70-229 in less than half an hour!

  3. Kevin Read says:

    Although not in the same league as Rob, I am quite satisfied with my effort of 3 passed exams in 3 days at TechEd.

    At the time of booking, I actually selected the wrong exam, 70-330 (Implementing Security for Applications) instead of exam 70-310 (Developing XML Web Services). But, with no study still came out with over 900! Very happy with that.

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