Threading just got a whole lot easier with VS2005

One of the great new components in VS2005 is the BackgroundWorker component, which makes writing threaded applications a whole lot easier. There's a new article up on MSDN that explains its use and shows some sample code.

Comments (2)

  1. Tobin Titus says:

    As a three-time co-author of books on Threading in .NET, I really enjoy the idea of having a background worker component available for users. It sort of forces code to get back on the UI thread before updating control values. However, I would hardly say that "threading just got easier". The idea of launching a thread and handling asynch events is easier to hook up, but the principles of threading are still important to learn. Of course, I may just be biased in that regard. This only covers basic background execution. It doesn’t handle criticality of execution regions or reliability contracts which are also new to .NET 2.0. This is really less about making threading easier than it is about execute something in the background and updating when its done. Technically it uses threading, yes. But let’s not oversimplify it by saying your threading issues can now all be solved with this component-based solution for WinForms.

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