Adding Ink Controls to .NET Applications

Last Friday (Redmond time) there was a Webcast that I really wanted to see on using the InfiNotes Note Taking Framework built by Agilix Labs Inc. as an extension to the Tablet PC SDK and Visual Studio .Net Development environment. From the TabletPC webcasts page:Agilix InfiNotes is a collection of .NET controls that add rich ink note-taking functionality to new and existing applications. Simply drag the control from the toolbox and begin adding digital ink to your application immediately! You'll be amazed at how quickly you can develop ink note-taking features in your .NET application. InfiNotes Standard Edition is available free from and should be installed on your development environment along with the Tablet PC SDK, available at (You do not need a Tablet PC to develop Tablet apps, this can be done right from your existing Windows development environment).

Unfortunately, I missed the live webcast (5am Saturday is only fun if you've not yet been to bed). Fortunately, I'll still be able to watch it (although this isn't apparent from the webcast page). Go to the Live Meeting View Recordings page.

In the following fields, enter this information:

  • Your Name: (enter your first and last name)
  • Meeting ID: msft031805fg
  • Meeting Key (if required): B3S3TB

Click View Recording.

Enter your email address and company name on the next page and click View Recording again.

You can now view the recording in LiveMeeting Replay format. This is a great format for viewing webcasts as it syncs the slide names (on the left hand side) with the audio and video in a WMP frame on the right. You can view the presentation at 1.4 or 2x speed too (which I like to do) and get the same information in about half the time.

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