ClickOnce Webcast Session Posted

My Security Summit session on Deploying Applications with ClickOnce is now available to view online or offline. Access it from here. To view it offline, you'll need to download the free LiveMeeting replay application.

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  1. Mick Badran says:


    It’s asking for a Meeting Key – dont have one and it seems to be needed.

    Any chance of a link straight to the download?



  2. Mick Badran says:

    " The requested recording could not be viewed. The recording ID or password may be incorrect."

    is the actual error msg.

  3. Andrew says:

    Fixed now – thanks. You shouldn’t need a meeting key any more

  4. Frank Arrigo says:

    are the other sessions going up too???

  5. Andrew says:

    There will probably be 2 more MSDN sessions uploaded over the next couple of weeks. The <i>Tools for Quality Code</i> session and <i>VSTS Overview</i>.

  6. Auto fill mucked up my URL in the comments above

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