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I just subscribed to John Montgomery's Blog and he has a great post about writing secure code. This segues really nicely into our security summit, coming to a capital city near you next month. In the developer track, we're talking a lot about team development and how a whole of project life-cycle approach can lead to more secure code. We'll also be talking about click-once deployment and the security implications of automatic updating, as well as an intro to some of the SQLCLR features in SQL2005.

Location Starts Where
Sydney 8 February 2005 Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
Canberra 10 February 2005 National Convention Centre
Adelaide 17 February 2005 Adelaide Convention Centre
Melbourne 22 February 2005 Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre
Brisbane 24 February 2005 Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Perth 1 March 2005 Perth Exhibition & Convention Centre

The full agenda's here.

BTW, I've scheduled my flights so I'm in town the evening of the event in every city -- if you're interested in organising a geek dinner or some other kind of get together, please let me know (or, better still, just organise it and tell me where and when). 

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  1. Heya,

    Who else is travelling around for the summits? (I mean, are there any other aussie MS’ers coming along too?)

  2. Derek Kerr will be coming around the country with me.

    Other Aussie MS’ers will be in some cities (this is the current plan):

    Pradeepa de Silva will be in SYD, CBR, MEL, BNE.

    Jeff Alexander will be in at lest in SYD BNE and CBR, but may end up in all cities.

    Michael Kleef will be in MEL, ADL and PER.

    Chuck will be in BNE.

    Dave Glover and Jason McConnell will be in MEL.

    Darryl Chantry will be in MEL ADL and PER.

    Anna Liu will be in SYD CBR and BNE.

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