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While I'm on the topic of Office Development, I've just been reminded of a series of Office Application Development Webcasts focusing on InfoPath and Information Bridge Framework. The InfoPath sessions have already happened (you can view them on-demand) and the IBF sessions are still to come, but are on at an ANZ-friendly time (unless you're in WA - sorry Sandgropers). Here's the list:

Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework Solutions

Microsoft Office InfoPath


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  1. Hey Andrew… whilst on the topic of Office developer stuff, is there any chance that you could find out when the new Fabrikam stuff for Office 2003 will be released? Here’s a link to the document:

    If you look at the bottom of that document it purports that the FabriKam Solutions Kit is "coming soon". My foot it is, I’ve been waiting on that for months now but no word from the Office team about its likely arrival time.


  2. Hi Darren, I’ve sent an enquiry through to John Durant, and I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something back.

  3. Here’s the response I got from John:

    <blockquote>I have pinged the folks pushing Fabrikam through the hoops to find out the updated release date. I get a <i>lot</i> of questions about this. I’ll update the dev center when I know more.</blockquote>

  4. On the subject of InfoPath are you getting many requests for the InfoPath web viewer for people without InfoPath on their desktop?

    You might be interested in looking at – developed here in Australia…and being snapped by US developers!


    Christophe (ex-Microsoft Australia)

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