Building Windows Forms Webcasts.

I've been on leave for a couple of weeks, so I missed the start of these webcasts. To be perfectly honest though, I'll probably watch the on-demand versions anyway. I'm not really a 4am kind of person. I think this gets 2 hours better at the end of this month with the advent of daylight time here and it finishing there (6am to 7am). If only I could watch them at the gym.

The blurb from the landing page says:

Tune in and learn how to build Microsoft Windows Forms applications and Smart Clients in Microsoft .NET. We will take you through all the steps to build an application, as we cover object oriented concepts and delve deep into .NET. During this series of webcasts, you will learn how to create rich user interfaces, access data, and see industry-proven ways to get Windows Forms applications to market quickly. And after viewing the webcasts, you can work hands-on in the MSDN Virtual Lab.

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  1. No says:

    If you know the people that run the webcast site, you might ask them to stop asking for my freaking email address!!! After the 3rd web form asking for contact info, I gave up.

    Too bad. Some of the webcasts sounded interesting.

  2. Well, I’ll pass this on, but worst case, couldn’t you use a "Microsoft only" address and ignore anything you get from us?

    I guess it depends on how much value you place on the webcasts that "sounded interesting".



  3. Maybe says:

    I didn’t so much mind giving my name email etc. It was just the multi step process that annoyed me. I provided an email address, then it said I was already logged in with another address via Passport, at which point I realized that it even used Passport. So I logged in with that (already have one) and it wanted to know which address I wanted to associate with Passport or some such. Then it wanted address and phone number (required fields). Then it was picky about the phone number format (ve must have dashes!) and wanted a screen name (even though that field wasn’t marked required and I was attempting to view an on-demand webcast which I wouldn’t think needed one). Finally I got to the link, clicked it, and was asked again for my name and email address. That’s where I gave up.

    It wasn’t really a privacy thing, just a trying user experience. At least you/they aren’t trying to sell anything that I haven’t already bought (happily).

    Maybe I’ll try again later. They now appear to be "experiencing technical difficulties".

    PS: I thought I’d viewed some of these webcasts before and would presume I’d still be registered in some form on the site. Oh well.

    PPS: Sorry to unload on you about this.

  4. Ah – now I understand better 🙂

    I’ll pass these comments on as well. If you like, drop me an email (, so I can put you in touch with the webcast folks directly.



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