ADNUG ACS badged .net training in Adelaide

Peter Griffith, President of the Adelaide .NET User Group sends me the following excellent news: Once again ADNUG is offering 3 ACS badged 5 day courses in VB, C# and ASP in conjunction with Kaz with considerable discounts for members. (over 40% off rrp). For details Programming with Microsoft® Visual Basic .NET Course 2373B…


64-bit Webcast Week

November 1-5 is 64-bit Webcast Week! There are 13 hour-and-a-half-long sessions on lots of different aspects of 64-bit development. Here’s the complete list (all times are in US Pacific time (UTC – 8) – for Eastern Australian time just subtract 5 hours and add a day (ie they are 19 hours behind – daylight savings…


Building Windows Forms Webcasts.

I’ve been on leave for a couple of weeks, so I missed the start of these webcasts. To be perfectly honest though, I’ll probably watch the on-demand versions anyway. I’m not really a 4am kind of person. I think this gets 2 hours better at the end of this month with the advent of daylight…


Visual FoxPro Articles

I wrote a bunch of articles for FoxTalk a while ago, some of them even made it into the MSDN library. I’ve also posted them all up at my personal site in case you’re interested.