Sydney VFP User Group WebCast


• A computer with access to the Internet to view the visual portion of the webcast.
• A functioning sound card and speakers or headphones for your PC.
• Test your computer:
1. To test your computer for the proper configuration click on the following link:
2. Please install and run Live Meeting Software if prompted to do so.
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4. If you are not able to see the slides, or if your system is stalled, please contact Event Support (see below).

ON THE WEBCAST DAY, FOLLOW STEPS A & B 15 minutes before the webcast begins:
A. To view the Internet portion:

1. Click the Meeting URL:
OR, if you can’t click the above Meeting URL, click on this link:
Clicking on either URL, you will arrive at the Join Meeting page and in the following fields, check or enter this information:
a. Your Name: (enter your First and Last name)
b. Meeting ID: msft092904ac
c. Password: KJS89Q
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3. You must install and run Live Meeting Software if prompted to do so.
4. Please allow a few moments for your Console to launch.

B. Listen to the audio portion of the webcast:
Once you have logged into the Internet portion, click the “Click Here for Audio” link on the left of the Audience window. The VoiceNow! player will take a moment to load.  You should hear hold music prior to the webcast start time. If you do not hear the audio, please confirm that your PC speakers are on and that the volume is turned up.

This wednesday night (29 Sep 2004, 18:30 Sydney time -- GMT + 10), we will be webcasting the Sydney VFP User Group Meeting. The video of the presenters' screen will be streamed, as will the audio of their presentation.

The Melbourne VFP User Group will be gathering at the MS theatre at the Como Centre to view the webcast en masse, while I expect other VFP developers from around Australia will log in from their desks.

This is a test run for the more general case of webcasting User groups of many different flavours over the next few months. We're hoping to lean a lot from this first pass, and will keep striving to make this the best experience possible.

Details of the content of the meeting are (from the User Group's web site):

Next meeting (29 September 2004)

  This month we will have 4 mini-talks of 20 minutes each covering the following topics
I want to know how to...

The format for this month will be a little different to usual, in that the aim is to cover 4 topics briefly by way of an eye-opener for people who haven't used them before.

All attendees are encouraged to come with their own ideas to contribute, as there is no one 'right' way to do things.

We will also have our regular Q+A session at the end.

This meeting will be combined online with the Melbourne VFP User Group!

The Sydney Visual FoxPro User Group meets at Microsoft headquarters:

6:30pm - 8:30pm
Microsoft Sydney Office
Theatre 2
1 Epping Road
North Ryde NSW 2113

Pizza and drinks are provided

Note - if you come after 6:30pm you will need to call security to let you in - the number to call will be on a notice at the door

For details of upcoming meetings or general questions please email Craig Bailey (UG President)

Comments (4)

  1. This is a fantastic idea!

    Living out in the bush (Narrabri) stops me from attending the User Group meetings, so this is really the only way I can be involved.

    Now all I need is some way to get hold of the provided pizza…

  2. Hi Scott,

    It was great to "see" you online in the meeting this evening. You were certainly one of the cases I had in mind when I floated this idea.

    Are you interested in presenting at the UG some time in the near future?

    See you at OzFox?



  3. Bernard Bout says:

    After the last webcast I was looking forward to watching the one today 27 Oct. Unfortunately on using the link posted above it always took me to the recording of the Sept 29th webcast and not today’s webcast.

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