VFP User Groups in Sydney and Melbourne, and even more VFP Stuff

Craig Bailey sends in the following email. One particular point to note:

We'll be combining the Sydney and Melbourne VFP User Group meetings next month (29 September) through a Live Meeting conference. This means you'll be able to be at the meeting either live in Sydney (where it's being hosted), in the Melbourne Microsoft office, or anywhere else in the world via an internet connection. We're using this as a guinea pig run for a more general rollout of webcasting User Group meetings every month. Stay tuned for more info.

1. Next meeting: 25 August 2004

A reminder about next week's meeting of the Sydney VFP User Group on Wednesday 25 August 2004 at 6:30pm:
Craig Franklin will be discussing the new reporting features in VFP9, and
John Burrows will be presenting more details on Business objects
Please see www.svfpug.com.au for more details.
2. OzFox 2004 - Australia's biggest VFP conference - 29 November
Don't forget to register for OzFox 2004, see www.ozfox.com.au for details.
Be there for 3 days of intensive VFP input with Rick Strahl, Ken Levy, Doug Hennig, Cathi Gero, David Stevenson and Mike Helland.
Visit the site to see what Eric Rudder had to say about OzFox!
3. Other conferences
Don't forget the other VFP conferences this year.
Visual FoxPro Devcon - 29 September - Las Vegas - www.foxprodevcon.com
Southwest Fox - 22 October - Arizona - www.southwestfox.com
If you are over that way, please support these conferences.
4. Melbourne VFP user group
Did you know the Melbourne VFP user group has restarted?
David Wilson, Sunny Chandra and others met last week (11 August) and will joining the Sydney VFP user group in a teleconference session on 29 September!
For details of the group please email David Wilson at langrove@optusnet.com.au
Please forward this to any of your developer friends in Melbourne.
5. September Sydney VFP User Group meeting
As mentioned above, the Melbourne VFP user group will be joining the Sydney group via teleconference on Wed 29 September 2004!
I am organising speakers for this meeting now. If you are interested in presenting please let me know asap. Let's make it a great meeting.
6. Call to VFP developers
Sometimes it seems as though Microsoft isn't pushing VFP enough. I personally can vouch for how much Microsoft has been helping the Sydney group with facilities, access to support personel, industry events, free press etc. However, you can help. The more we get together as a community, the more notice Microsoft will take, and in turn the more help they will give us.
Let's all make a big effort to attend the user groups, promote our businesses and products with VFP, and be supportive to the community. If we get a huge turn out at OzFox, not only will there be additional exposure for VFP, but it means we can continue to get the best speakers out here in future years. We will all reap the benefits.
Can I ask you to please promote both the user groups and OzFox to any VFP developers you know.
7. Feedback
I'm always looking for ways to improve the user group. If you have any suggestions (or gripes) I am keen to hear them.
What talks do you want to hear? What Pizza varieties do you want? Are there extra services the User group can provide?
8. Sydney VFP user group members list
There is now a members list - email me your details and perhaps a small bio or company summary and I will add it to the page.
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