Tech•Ed Channel9 Video

Probably the most fun I had at Tech•Ed was shooting and editing footage for Channel9. Michael Kleef and I went around with a DV camera and basically shoved it into people's faces, talking to them about Tech•Ed, what they thought about the conference, and so on. Each night I streamed the footage down to my laptop over Firewire and edited it using Windows Movie Maker -- a very neat bit of software. I then uploaded the result to the corporate network the next day for the Channel9 crew to review and post on the site.

The results will be up on Channel9 some time pretty soon. When they're there I'll put a note up here, along with the details of a little exercise you might find rewarding.

Stay Tuned!

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  1. William Luu says:

    Cool Andrew! Since I didn’t make TechEd, I look forward to seeing the video…

    Maybe next year then…

    Sounds like you had heaps fun with the DV hehe…

  2. TristanK says:

    Just make sure that – ahem – that section of film that we shot outside Tech Ed isn’t used. OK? ’nuff said.

    Btw, points for creative use of a bullet.

  3. Ah, the beauty of unicode entry.

    ALT+0149 (on the keypad) = •

    ALT+0169 = ©

    ALT+0174 = ®

    etc …

    Works great for pass phrases too (as long as you have a keypad)


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