Dinners at Tech•Ed

SplaTT, Frank and Mark all started a rumour that there would be a Geek Dinner on the Wednesday night. It turns out that the chosen venue was closed (perhaps someone warned them). We moved up the mall to an Irish Pub and proceeded to consume Geek Guiness. I chatted with Phil Beadle (who is, along with Scott McCulloch, one of the core DotNet Nuke team) from Byte and a bunch of other people. Great fun.

Wednesday night, before the Tech•Ed party, a heap of us went to dinner with Microsoft Senior VP, Eric Rudder. We found ourselves at a local Pizza establishment and geeks of all descriptions bent Eric's ear about topics near and dear to their hearts. Craig Bailey even managed to convince Eric to give OzFox 2004 a plug.

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  1. This is great — I hope Eric Rudder puts VFP firmly on the Seattle radar now.

    After all, VFP is a cornerstone of the core applications of many Microsoft customers and developers! We do not want them moving to FileMaker Pro and Apple now, do we?

    By the way, has anyone got news of a new VFP Certification exam — is there one?

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